Digital Passport Competitions

Passport competitions are a great way to encourage your attendees to engage, not only with the exhibitors but in the event App too.

Passport competitions are essentially a scavenger hunt. Attendees go out and scan themselves at each exhibitor booth. The attendee with the most scanned booths wins! When an attendee scans an exhibitor, the exhibitor page will automatically keep track by displaying a tick.

Scanning options

Lead Capture element is generally used in a scenario where exhibitors are only capturing leads that are useful. It is important to consider what you want your exhibitors to gain from a passport competition before exploring the various scanning options. There are few different ways Lead Capture can be setup to ensure exhibitors are capturing genuine leads, while attendees are scanning their way around the venue for the competition.

Exhibitors scan with Capture App only

The most common setup for a passport competition is enabling exhibitors to capture leads through the Capture app. This setup allows exhibitors to be responsible for collecting leads. Exhibitors will often require a conversation with an attendee before capturing them as a lead.

One limitation of using this setup, is that exhibitors may end up capturing leads for attendees who are not worth following up, as the attendee only wanted to earn points.

Exhibitors scan with Capture app and attendees use scan points

Using a combination of both exhibitors scanning with the Capture app and scan points, is the best of both worlds. Not only can exhibitors capture genuine leads on their booth, but attendees can scan the QR codes around the venue as part of the passport competition, which are recorded separately.

Scan points only

Scan points refer to QR codes placed around the venue and on exhibitor booths. When scanned by an attendee, they register as scanning an exhibitor. These can be placed around the venue to track attendee flow through the event or can be used in place of an exhibitor choosing not to use Lead Capture.

One limitation of using only scan points is that genuine leads are not captured for exhibitors. Instead, the data would be useful for post-event statistics regarding attendee flow, most popular booth etc.

In-app display

For any of the three scanning options, the event App can display the scanned status to the attendee so they can keep track of which exhibitors they have scanned. A green tick will display next to those exhibitors or scan points that have been scanned. This option is turned off by default and needs to be enabled to access this App feature.

Making the most of the passport competition

In order to make the most out of your passport competition, you will need to get creative, integrating the various elements of the Core to further incentivise your exhibitors and attendees to participate. Consider offering prizes to those highest scoring attendees. These prizes can be sponsored by your exhibitors and sponsors in exchange for in-app push notifications and pop-up messages. You could also consider activating the leaderboard competition, awarding extra points to those participants who interact with exhibitors.