Add a Multiple Choice Content Link to Submission Forms

How to add a multiple choice content link to submission forms

Linking to a content page allows organisers to ask unique questions for their submission forms. A common example is "Favourite Exhibitor". By linking the content page, the form field automictically generates a selection from the relevant content pages.

A module ID is required to link the content page. It is found at the end of the content page URL. For example for this content page the module ID is 85,1. as shown below.


Once you have the module ID, navigate to App>Submission Form and select your submission form to edit. Either create a new field - Multiple Choice - Content Link.


Now add the module ID into the "Linked Module" box. NOTE: the URL reads 85/1 but you must enter a comma instead of a forward slash e.g 85,1


Once you've finished click save.

Below is what it would look like within the app submission form.