Configure a Submission Form

How to configure a submission form

Submission forms can be used gather information from attendees. For example, session or speaker feedback, registering interest for next year’s event, voting on a poster listing etc.

To create a submission form

  1. Navigate to App > Submission Forms from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select Create New Submission Form from the right-hand options
  3. Input Title
  4. Click Save

Once the page has been set up questions will need to be added.

  1. Click + Add a Form Item
  2. Select a Form Item
    1. Star Rating A simple 5-star rating
    2. Yes or No A simple Yes or No option
    3. Multiple Choice - Custom Input custom multiple choice question and answers. Also, manage how many options an attendee can select (minimum/maximum number of options they can select)
    4. Multiple Choice - Content Link Pull multiple choice answers from content (e.g. speakers list or poster listing). Refer to How to add a multiple choice content link 
    5. Short Text Field Attendees have a small text box to answer a question
    6. Long Text Field Attendees have a large text box to answer a question
    7. Image Attachment Attendees can upload an image as part of their response
    8. Header Text Header style copy used to break up sections of a submission form
    9. Body Copy Used to introduce or explain something in the form that may not be related to a question. E.g. Welcome to the form, explain prize draw entry for filling out the form or thank you message for filling out the form.
    10. Line Separator Used to break up questions or content in the form
  3. Repeat this process for each form item/question

To reorder questions

Questions can be reordered by clicking the icon with the two arrows. Questions and form items will then be able to be dragged into the correct order.

To edit a question

A question can be edited by hovering over the question and clicking the pencil icon.

To delete a question

Questions can be deleted by hovering over the question and clicking the cross icon.

To manage submission form settings

Each submission form has its own settings. These include what information is collected with a submission and other page settings.

  1. Navigate to App > Submission Forms from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the drop-down for the relevant submission form
  3. Select Edit
  4. Navigate to the Configure tab
  5. Manage the settings below:

Title The title that shows in-app on the form and will be used to differentiate between forms in the Core.

Allow Multiple Submissions If enabled, will allow attendees to answer and submit the form more than once.

Require Logged In If enabled, attendees will need to be logged in to answer and submit the form.


  • User selectable - attendees can submit anonymously or link to their profile
  • Always anonymous - all submissions of the form are anonymous
  • Linked to profile - all submission of the form are linked to an attendee profile

Include user location If enabled and location services turned on for attendee devices, the coordinates of where the form was submitted can be captured.

Forward to Email Responses to the form will be forwarded to this email address.

To view form submissions

Submission form results can be viewed in the Core by question or per submission or can be downloaded as an excel file for further analysis.

  1. Navigate to App > Submission Forms from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the drop-down for the relevant submission for a form
  3. Select how to view results
    1. Results by Question View results grouped by question (e.g. 15 people rated Session A 5 stars)
    2. Results by Submission View results per submission (e.g. Attendee X rated Session A 2 stars)
  4. Scroll to view results
  5. Select Export Data from the right-hand options to export results as an excel file

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