Export Profile Data

The CMS allows attendee profile data to be exported in bulk. This is a great tool for making edits or updates in bulk or exporting attendee login credentials from the CMS. 


The type of report pulled from the CMS is completely designed for your needs. Use the profile filter only to export those relevant attendees, and use the checkboxes to select what profile data you would like to be exported, or 'Select All' to have a complete profile report.

To export profile data:

  1. Navigate to Profiles > Export Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. *Optional* Use the profile filter to only export a segment/group of attendee data
  3. Use the checkboxes to select which profile fields/data to be exported
  4. Click Preview to sample the report
  5. Click Export 


If you are wanting to export Registration Profile Group Information (those attendees who registered in the same transaction), make sure to include:

  • Parent First Name
  • Parent Last Name
  • Parent Internal ID