Badge Features

Badge templates are used to generate badges using dynamic profile data from the Entegy CMS. It is important to consider what information will need to be displayed on the badge before badges are designed.



Layer Types

Text box

The text box field allows any type of text content to be added. Custom text can be entered when creating the layer or can be pulled from profile data to display delegate-specific information on the badge.



The image layer type allows images that are not part of the background PDF to be added to the badge.

QR Code

The QR code layer allows for the delegate's QR code to be added to the badge. This code can then be scanned within the app or lead generation app to link to the profile.

QR codes must be darker than the background in order for them to scan. A white QR code on a dark background will NOT work. 

NOTE: If using a QR code from another system, or a registration integration, you will need to configure QR settings.

Colour Block

The colour block layer allows for a coloured block that is not part of the background PDF to be added to the badge. Coloured blocks are typically used to visually differentiate profile types or draw attention to certain text on the badge. 

PDF Background

The PDF background layer is used to upload a PDF as a background image for the badge. When using a PDF layer the image automatically centres and scales to fit the badge. This layer type also keeps the vector quality of the PDF, resulting in smaller file sizes to reduce the print time for kiosk printing.

Profile Image

Profile images uploaded to attendee profiles can display on the badge. 

NOTE: If using this layer type, attendees need to have a profile image uploaded before printing badges. If no image is uploaded prior to printing, this will not appear on the badge.


Display rules

Display rules can be created to either show or hide, or display different data or custom colours depending on profile information. These rules can be used to visually display different ticket types, whether the attendee has purchased a dinner to the gala dinner, or a social event table number etc. 

Next Steps:

What is the best way to use layers and display rules for badges?