Enable Staff to Login to the Kiosk Companion

How to enable staff to login to the Kiosk Companion

To enable staff to use the Kiosk Companion you will need to setup staff with a Core user profile. A Core user profile is an administrative login to the Core and is not to be confused with an attendee profile. Each Core user profile will require their own unique email address.

To create a user profile

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Users from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the + button
  3. Enter a valid email address
  4. Enter a Name, Contact number and Company for this user profile
  5. Enter a Password or leave the field blank for a password to be auto-generated
  6. If you do not wish user to receive an email with login details uncheck Email details to user
  7. Click Save
  8. Check Kiosk Companion from the list of user roles - Manage Kiosks through the Kiosk Companion app  
  9. Click Save