What is App?

The App is the powerhouse of your Event App. Providing up-to-date event information with flexible page content and structures, instant push notifications, documents and pop-up messages. Gather feedback with submission forms and ratings, and ensure consistent branding through customisable design with extensive scope for sponsorship.



Branding and sponsorship opportunities

Design: Customise the app design with unique branding from your event.

Main Menu: Manage the look and feel of your event App with a custom background, icons and content. For easy navigation and staggered content release, all menu icons can be arranged, hidden and released when your content is ready to go live.

Banners: Increase engagement and exposure for sponsors. Add banners to individual pages or throughout the App.

Sponsorship opportunities: Offer a single ‘app sponsor’ category or alternatively offer multiple sponsorship opportunities.

Communicate and Inform

Customisable content page types: Easily manage your in app event information with a variety of content page types.

Push Notifications:  Keep attendees up to date and highlight any app sponsors etc.

Popup Messages: Highlight information to app users when they navigate to pages within the App.

My App: Enable attendees to view and export session notes and bookmarks.

Schedule Builder: Add an event agenda of any size to your Event App with a number of flexible options available to enhance display and usability.

Submission Forms: Can be used to collect feedback, create competitions or gather information. 

Smart redirects: A powerful tool that allows for unique or personalised content to be managed in the event app.

Stats and usage: Monitor page views, return visits, interactions, app downloads and device types.

Discover and Connect

QR Scanner: Can be used to scan attendee badges, check-in to sessions, scan exhibitors or access hidden pages. 

In app badge: Enable attendees to have their badge in the palm of their hand for scanning.


Security levels: Make your event App publicly available, locked via a global password or require user login via a number of authentication options.