App Glossary


Content: The collective term for all page information in the app.

Refresh Content: Update the app to view the latest updates and content changes.

Change event: Switch between event apps in a portal.

Main Menu: The collection of menu items for Content pages and other features displayed on your app home screen.

Icon: The menu item on your app main menu that links to Content pages and other features.

Coming Soon Message: A message linked to an icon that does not yet have content behind it.

QR Scanner: An in-app feature that enables attendees to scan various types of QR codes.

Page Banner:  Appear at the bottom of the app and can be used to draw attention to something in the app (e.g. feedback form or special event) or be used as a sponsorship opportunity.

Popup message: Messages that appear in the app when a specific page is visited. Popups can either be set to be visible on the first view of the page, or every view of the page.

Push Notification: A message that is sent to attendees at a certain point in time. When enabled, attendees can be notified through their device notifications when a push has been received.

Push notification category: Used to send a push notification to a group of attendees (e.g. Exhibitor-specific information vs general attendee information).

Submission Form: A form used to collect information from attendees through the app.

In-app badge: An attendee’s personal QR code and basic information, which can be used instead of a physical badge or ticket.

Smart Redirect: Used to create content that is specific to a group of attendees (e.g. Main Schedule for all attendees and a Bump In/Out Schedule for exhibitors).

Back to Portal: An icon added to the app Main Menu to direct attendees back to the main portal menu.

Heading Style: Content formatting tool that creates text display variations (e.g. colour, size etc.).

Cell Style: Used to change the layout or design on some container content page types (e.g. change the blank group cell style to create a sub-menu with icons).

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