Create an exhibitor page

How to create an exhibitor page

Exhibitors can be displayed in the event App through a dedicated exhibitors content page type. The exhibitor page type is a container page to house multiple exhibitors. Each exhibitor page can be personalised per exhibitor to include logos, company details and other important information.

When configured, exhibitors can also be mapped onto a floor plan using pin-drops to mark the exhibitor's location. 


Create an exhibitor content page type

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Create a New Page from the right-hand options
  3. Select Exhibitors from the list of page types
  4. Add a menu icon (optional)*
  5. Click Create
  6. Enter a Title for your Exhibitors content page type (exhibitor's container page)
  7. If linking to a floor plan select this from the Floor Plan drop-down
  8. Click Save

*Add a menu icon step is optional. Icons can also be linked to an App main menu from App Element in the Core

Create an exhibitor page

  1. Click +
  2. Enter a Title, Subtitle, Copy and any other relevant information as required
  3. Click Save

Upload exhibitor image

  1. Navigate to your exhibitor content page type
  2. Click the empty square next to the relevant exhibitor
  3. Drag or upload the exhibitor image into the uploader
  4. Click Save on the uploader