Create a blank group page


How to create a blank group page

The blank group page type is a container page that can be created for the purpose of grouping pages together in an event App. This container page of blank pages can act as a secondary menu, a list or simply a collection of pages. 

Blank groups are one of the most versatile page types, allowing various types of information to be grouped and displayed. Blank groups also have many different display options to create interesting and engaging app content. 

TIP: If your content does not fit see to fit into other page types, put it into a Blank Group. This page type is extremely versatile with many display options. 


Create a blank group content page type

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Create a New Page from the right-hand options 
  3. Select Blank Group from the list of page types
  4. Add a menu icon (optional)*
  5. Click Create
  6. Enter a Title for your blank group content page type (your blank page container page)
  7. Click Save

*Add a menu icon step is optional. Icons can also be linked to an App main menu from App Element in the Core

Create a blank page/blank group sub-page

  1. Click +
  2. Enter a Title, Subtitle, Copy and any other relevant information as required
  3. Click Save