Schedule Builder Features


The Schedule Builder has many features to display your schedule in the best way possible. Through the use of session grouping, colour-coded streams, adding rooms and speakers etc., attendees can easily navigate through the event and be kept well-informed.

Sessions can be customisable to suit the needs of your event and schedule size. They can include copy about the session, links to feedback forms and speaker information, as well as the ability to bookmark and take notes.Sessions.pngSession Groups

Session Groups are used to group sessions together to show different breakouts or concurrents.
Streams help differentiate session types in the schedule list view in the event App. Using colours and visual pills on the session list and on the session page, you can distinguish between different types such as workshops and keynote sessions.Streams.pngSession Segments
Session segments are used to show segments inside a parent session. These might be used to display an abstract listing, or to add an additional layer of detail to your schedule.
Categories can be added to sessions to help with filtering search results. When linked, a pill displaying the name of the category will appear on the session page in the event App.
Session Types
A session type can be linked to a session to allow for additional filtering capabilities. When linked, session types can also be set up to make minor changes to session display in the schedule list view in the event App. This might be used to highlight a keynote session or make breaks easily noticeable.
Rooms can be created to link to sessions in your schedule. These can make attendee navigation easier around the venue. Rooms can be made visible in the sessions list view as well the session page. Rooms can also be added for additional filtering capabilities.
Speakers can be created to appear, not only in the schedule but also a separate speaker listing. When linked, speaker names and a link to their speaker page will appear on the session page. This is useful for attendees to be able to link directly to a speaker’s bio when looking at the schedule.
Featured Speakers
Featured speakers can be linked to a schedule to display in the schedule session list and separately in the speaker listing on the session page in the event App. The featured speaker’s image will also appear in the schedule session list and can be used to highlight a keynote speaker etc.