Setup a Schedule

This guide takes you through the process of setting up a schedule for your project in the Core. It includes all schedule features you may wish to include for your event, however not all features are required.

To confirm the schedule features suitable for your event click here

If you are using only the Attendance Tracking or Interactive Sessions Elements, you will only need to refer to steps 2-4 below.


1) Confirm Requirements

2) Create Schedule

3) Create Days

4) Create Sessions

5) Create Speakers *

  1. Create speaker content page type
  2. Upload speakers
  3. Upload speaker images

6) Create Floor Plans and Rooms *

  1. Create floor plans content page type
  2. Create rooms

7) Create Streams *

8) Create Feedback *

9) Update Session Details *
These actions below are best completed concurrently when updating a session.

  1. Link speakers
  2. Link rooms
  3. Link feedback form
  4. Add stream
  5. Add session copy
  6. Upload specific session thumbnail

10) Perform Bulk Actions *

11) Confirm Preferences

  1. Configure schedule settings
  2. Configure session settings

12) Enable Audience Participation *

  1. Ask A Question
  2. Activity Feed
  3. Interactive Sessions

13) Schedule Complete

* Optional features