Manage Login and Authentication Settings

How to manage login and authentication settings

Login and authentication settings include attendee privacy settings and how attendees will log into the app. It is recommended that these settings be determined well in advance of any App launch, as they dictate how attendees access the app and interact with one another.

How to access the login and authentication settings

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles
  2. Navigate to the Login & Authentication tab

How to manage profile login options

Select from the following profile login options to dictate how attendees will log into the app.

Attendees can either login with a single or two-factor login process. It is recommended that single factor be used to limit confusion and codes required for attendees.   

Username – The unique system-generated identifier.

Email Address – Email addresses must be unique for all attendees if used as a login method. This cannot not be used if you have allowed duplicate emails in Profile Field settings.

External Reference – A unique identifier imported into the Core from external registration software. E.g. Staff ID, registration number, ticket number etc.

Internal Reference - A unique identifier that is generated by the Core for each attendee. This is automatically determined when a profile is created and cannot be changed.

Password - Upon logging in with a temporary password, attendees can then choose their own password. These are private and cannot be restored.

How to access privacy settings

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles
  2. Navigate to the Privacy tab

How to manage privacy settings on first login  

If Yes is selected, the attendee will be immediately taken to the Privacy Settings screen on their initial login to the app. Here they can opt in or out of any privacy settings as they wish.

How to manage privacy on login

The initial privacy settings for attendees should be set prior to launching your App. These privacy settings are triggered when an attendee first logs into the app and can be changed by the attendee once they login. Options here are:

No Changes - unless manually updated, default privacy settings are that an attendee will not appear in the profile list and cannot be messaged by another attendee.

Visible in List - attendee’s name and visible profile information will appear in the profile list

Allow Messaging - attendee can be messaged by another attendee

Visible in List and Allow Messaging - the attendee is visible in the profile list and can be messaged by another attendee