Profile Authentication Setup

Profile login authentication options dictate how attendees will log into the App. Organisers can control which details the users log in with.  It is recommended that these settings be determined well in advance of any App launch, as they dictate how attendees access the app and what needs to be communicated to them.

There are several options for both the first and second lines of authentication listed below.

Please note

2-line authentication is required for all profiles.


Attendees are able to personalise their login details if the option Username is selected for the first line and Password selected for the second line.

First Line (Username/Token) options:

  • Username - The unique system-generated identifier that is a combination of First Name, Last Name and 4 characters e.g. John.Smith5487. Once logged in attendees can set their own username. 

  • Email - Email addresses must be unique for all attendees if used as a login method. This cannot not be used if you have allowed duplicate emails in Profile Field settings.

Second Line (Password) options:

  • Password - A temporary password auto-generated by the Core. Attendees can then update their password on first login in, meeting the required complexity selected by the organiser from the below options. This is required if the first line is "Email"

  • External Reference - A unique identifier imported into the Core from an external registration software. E.g. Staff ID, registration number, ticket number etc.

  • Internal Reference - A unique identifier that is generated by the Core for each attendee. This is automatically determined when a profile is created and cannot be changed


Setup Profile Authentication

1) Confirm Profile Requirements

2) Load Attendees

3) Configure Login and Privacy

4) Manage Login and Authentication Settings