Configure Login and Privacy

Configure Privacy Statement/Terms

Once an attendee has logged into the event App, they can be prompted to read and agree to a privacy statement provided by the organiser. This can outline how attendee data will be managed and used by the organiser.  

By default, the privacy statement/terms are already populated with a broad statement, however, it is best to update this to better suit your event and data use policies. 

To configure Privacy Terms:

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Login & Privacy tab
  3. Navigate to Privacy Options > Privacy Terms
  4. Update as required
  5. Click Save

Attendee Privacy Settings

Once the privacy statement has been accepted, an attendee will automatically be prompted to update their privacy and visibility settings. These settings dictate who can view the attendee’s personal information and how it is shared.

Please note

If the privacy statement is left blank, attendees will not be prompted to update their privacy settings and will default to ‘To Connections’.

Attendees can choose from the following Privacy Settings:

  • Visible to others in app - The attendee’s name and visible profile information will appear in the profile list.
  • Allow messaging - The attendee can be messaged in-app by another attendee.
  • Show Email Address and Show Contact Number:
    • To connections - Connections are personal attendee and exhibitor scans. When set to Connections, this will always display/share an attendee’s email address or contact number with their connection.
    • Always - Always display/share the attendee’s email address or contact number
    • Never - Never display/share the attendee’s email address or contact number
  • Agree to receive emails and SMS - Attendees can opt-out of receiving any email communication or SMS's sent via Email Campaigns.