Profile Types

Profile types can be used to segment profiles into distinct groups such as attendee, speaker etc. Creating these groups can enhance other elements and increase functionality. E.g. there may be different badges for exhibitors and attendees, or want to control entry to certain sessions based on profile type.

Five default profiles types are automatically created. These are staff, speaker, exhibitor, sponsor and attendee. Additional profile types can be created if required.

Each profile type is given their own set of permissions. These include:

'Organiser' status Allows extra functionality like deleting comments from activity feed. This is automatically enabled for the default Staff profile type.

Allow app login Allows attendees to log into the app and is enabled automatically for all default profile types.

Notification categories Once setup, notification categories can be allocated to an entire profile type to aid in targeted notifications.

Set a 'price' Prices per profile type can be set when using paid registration.

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