Activity Feed Setup

The activity feed is a great way to encourage app users to interact. Attendees can post status updates in real-time. Status updates can contain both text and/or images.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Create an in-app community for attendees
  2. Attendees can share images or posts about the event
  3. Exhibitors and speakers can become part of the conversation
  4. Images can be downloaded post-event for sharing

Attendees can comment on a session, speaker, exhibitor and sponsor pages. These comments will appear on the page and in the activity feed.

Attendees can also comment on other attendee statuses and will see notifications when someone comments on their status. They can delete their own comments or report another attendee’s comment. Event organisers can manage reported comments by either deleting them or choose to leave them in the feed.

Sponsors can post on the activity feed for an additional sponsorship opportunity. To also help encourage interactivity in-app, a welcome status by the event organiser can be a great way to inform attendees what the activity feed is for and some information about how it works.


Setup Messaging

1) Upload Attendee Profiles

2) Configure Attendee Login and Authentication Settings

3) Configure Activity Feed

4) Test

5) Communication