Onsite Printing Configuration

 Confirm Onsite Printing Settings

To launch Onsite Printing, navigate to Badges > Onsite Printing from the Navigation Menu.

The Onsite Printing facilitator panel will open in an on-screen overlay. To exit, click the ‘Close’ button (denoted by ‘X’) located in the top right-hand side of the screen.


There are two (2) settings you will need to configure and confirm before using Onsite Printing. These settings are as follows:

  1. Select Badge Template controls what badge template will be printed. This is relevant for projects where multiple badge templates are being utilised. You will need to ensure that you have selected the appropriate template for the badge(s) you want to print. Templates are configured through the Badge Creator element. A guide to setting up Badge Templates can be found here.


  2. On Scan controls whether or not a badge is printed immediately, or upon confirmation when scanned. Note that this will not affect badges being printed directly through the OnSite Printing facilitator panel (Core).