How to use Onsite Printing

How to use Onsite Printing

To launch Onsite Printing, navigate to Badges > Onsite Printing.

The Onsite Printing facilitator panel will open in an on-screen overlay. To exit, click the ‘Close’ button (denoted by ‘X’) located in the top right-hand side of the screen.

Onsite Printing has two modes: Scan Mode and Search Mode. It is important to note that Onsite Printing can be controlled entirely by a mouse and/or keyboard.

The following scanners are known to be best supported:

  • Zebra (Motorola) DS9208
  • Zebra (Motorola) DS6707

Onsite Printing is best used with Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge (latest versions)

Before continuing, please refer to the Onsite Printing setup article, here.

Scan Mode

When Onsite Printing is ready to accept scans a ‘Ready to scan’ message will be displayed alongside a green icon, as shown below. You can only scan when this message is displayed.

While in ‘Ready to scan’ mode, any scanned QR Codes or Barcodes will display the profile information on screen before printing. Once the badge prints, the ‘Ready to scan’ message will display, ready for the next scan.

TIP: Any attached scanners should be in USB Keyboard mode - check your scanner documentation or with your hardware supplier if you are unsure on how to set modes.


Search Mode

To use Search Mode, click on the Search Mode tab or simply click the ‘Esc’ key.

You can search all active profiles available using all Fixed and Identification Fields. Note that you must type at least 3 characters before a search term will return results.

Once you have found the profile you wish to print, click the ‘Print’ button (denoted by the Printer icon).

Once a profile is printed the Print button will turn green and display a checkmark and the printed profile will be added to the Recently Printed list. Note that the Recently Printed card will display the 10 most recently printed badges.

If a delegate has already had their badge printed, any subsequent scans of their profile will display a message requiring confirmation before allowing you to print their badge again.

You can use the drop-down on a Profile result to preview the users badge or edit their profile. You can do this from Search Mode and from the Recently Printed list. Printing from the Preview window bypasses the Onsite Printing functionality.

Helpful Shortcuts

  • You can jump between both Scan Mode and Search Mode using the ‘Esc’ key. If you are currently performing a search you may need to press the ‘Esc’ twice.
  • While in Search Mode you can use the Up and Down directional arrows on your keyboard to scroll through the list of profiles.
  • Once you have selected the profile you wish to print you can hit the Enter/Return key to print the badge for that profile.