Attendance Tracking Glossary

Track App: A downloadable app for mobile devices that allows attendees to be scanned into a session or social event.

Attendance Tracking Scan: When an attendee’s badge QR code or ticket is scanned into a session or social event.

Event Code: The custom code that indicates your project/app and is used when logging into the Track app. Can also be used to access the event app in a portal, or log into the Capture app.

Session Access Code: A code generated by the Core (CMS) to represent a session. Used when logging into the Track app.

Generate Blank Code: The action where session access codes are generated. Blank codes must be generated to access the Track app and scan attendee badges/tickets.

Scanning Point: A session or social event QR code that can be scanned by attendees to track themselves into sessions.

Current Scans: A tally of all scans that have taken place for that session.

Tracking Session Group: A group of sessions that are being held in the same room.

Session Access Rule: Used to restrict attendee access to particular sessions based on profile information (e.g. only attendees who have paid for the gala dinner can attend. Session Access Rule is created to ensure only those paid attendees can enter).

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