Setup Attendance Tracking

This guide takes you through the process of setting up Attendance Tracking for a project in the Core.


1) Create your project

  1. Contact your Entegy Distributor

2) Setup your schedule

3) Setup sessions in track

  1. Generate session codes

4) Setup session access rules (optional)

You can create session rules to restrict attendee access to particular sessions based on attendee data.

  1. Restrict session entry

5) Load attendee profiles

  1. Confirm badge requirements
  2. Upload your attendee profile data to the Core  

6) Setup tracking session groups (optional)

Automated scanning stations can be set up on a tablet device to enable attendees to scan themselves with the Track app. This avoids the need to have staff scanning attendees.

  1. Set up tracking session groups for automated scanning stations

7) Who scans?

There are several options for scanning attendees into sessions

  1. Confirm how attendees will be scanned

Staff to scan

  1. Export session codes to send to staff
  2. Staff to download the Track app
  3. Communicate to staff how to use the Track app

Attendees to scan

  1. Create QR codes
  2. Print out codes or insert into presentation slides for scanning
  3. Communicate to attendees how to scan