Attendance Tracking Setup Considerations

There are a number of scenarios which Attendance Tracking can be used and a few stakeholders involved:

  • Who will be scanning and what will be scanned? Are you planning on having dedicated resources to scan attendees into sessions/events or will you have self-scanning stations
    • Hardware - for self-scanning stations you may need to invest in devices to run the track app and scan attendee badges or tickets
    • Resources - if event staff are scanning attendee badges or tickets, ensure they have access to the track app on their device and the relevant session codes
  • What registration data will be required for session access rules and reporting? For VIP access or certain ticket types, these rules will need to be defined in the CMS (Core) based on profile data.
  • Will attendees have the option to self check in via the event app - this requires app element and configuration in your schedule
  • What reports do you require. Is this for CPD? Do you need to monitor in real-time?