Store Account Setup [End-Clients]

In order to have your Standalone App available on the Apple App and Google Play stores for download, Store Accounts will need to be setup and the Store Listing details populated. 

Store Account

Store Accounts are the developer accounts/profiles used to house standalone apps and portals on the Apple App and Google Play stores. A store account is required for both platforms.

Store Accounts must be created by the end-client on behalf of their organisation. Unfortunately, this is not something Entegy or your Entegy Partner can do for you. 

Please note

You (the end-client) are solely responsible for ensuring your annual subscription is paid, and any privacy or other agreements are accepted. If your Store Accounts are not appropriately configured, Entegy will be unable to proceed with submitting your app, and delays will occur.

Entegy must be provided team access to these accounts, allowing the Entegy Build Team to submit apps on your behalf. Please note: Entegy will only use the privileges granted to add, update or remove apps related to the Entegy Suite of Products.

Once configured, and the Entegy Build Team have been given the correct team permissions, you will need to communicate your Store Account name to your Entegy Partner. This is typically the legal name for the organisation, or the Team Name for Apple, and the Developer Name for Google.

Store Listing

A Store Listing is the information submitted along with your Event App or Portal. This is required for all submissions. 

Store Listing details appear as part of the App listing on the Apple App and Google Play stores. It is important to keep in mind that these details will be listed publically and should describe the App as much as possible.

The Store Listing consists of:

  • Store Account name
  • App Store Title
  • Google Play Title
  • Icon Title
  • Short Description
  • Description
  • Design assets

All of these are required for the app submission to be successful. Once populated, your Entegy Partner will submit the app to the stores.

Your Entegy Partner will keep you in-the-loop throughout the App submission process.


Setup Store Accounts

1) Apple Pt.1: Create an Apple ID

2) Apple Pt.2: Apply for the Apple Developer Program

3) Apple Pt.3: Invite Entegy to your Apple Developer Account

4) Google Pt.1: Create a Google Account

5) Google Pt.2: Apply for the Google Play Developer Console

6) Google Pt.3: Invite Entegy to your Google Play Developer Account

7) Preparing a Store Listing in the CMS