Apple Pt.3: Invite Entegy to your Apple Developer Account


How to invite Entegy to your Apple Developer Account

Disclaimer: Entegy will only use the privileges granted to add, update or remove apps related to the Entegy Suite of Products.

Once you have completed the invite for the Apple store, you will need to complete the final invite for the Google Play Store.

When both invites have been sent, you will need to link your Store Account into the Entegy CMS. Learn more about this process, here.

Important note

Accounts registered as the 'Individual' Entity Type for the Apple Developer Program OR that are registered to the Apple Enterprise Program are not eligible for Option 1.

Apple App Store Connect (

Entegy needs to be an Admin in your App Store Connect team to be able to create and submit apps.

  1. Login to
  2. Click ‘Users & Access’
  3. Click the plus ‘+’ sign next to ‘User(s)’

  4. Enter the following details into the form then click ‘Next’

    First Name: Entegy

    Last Name: Support


  5. Navigate to Role as and select Admin
  6. Check Developer Resources make sure Access to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles is selected (should be automatically selected)
  7. Click ‘Invite


Have you invited Entegy to your Google Play developer team? If not, click here to learn how.

Next steps: Linking your Store Accounts to the Entegy CMS

Next Steps