Configure Kiosk Registration

Kiosks integrate with the Entegy suite Registration, enabling a registration form to be setup onto a Kiosk.

If attendees are to register on-site at a Kiosk you may wish to advise them to come early to minimise Kiosk queue times.

Please note

Payment cannot be taken through the kiosks. If you wish to take payment, consider using paid registration at a registration desk, and using the kiosks to print badges.

Create a Kiosk Registration Form

First, a registration form must be created. Include in this form, all the information you would like to collect per attendee. This information will then create a new profile in the CMS.


Profile fields must be created before they can be added to the registration form. Click here to learn more about profile fields.

To create a registration form (no payment)

  1. Navigate to Registration > Form Setup from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select Create a New Form from the right-hand options
  3. Navigate to Form Status and set to Live
  4. Navigate to the new form and click the drop-down arrow
  5. Select Form Builder from the drop-down menu
  6. Edit as required

Click here to learn more about creating and editing a Registration Form.


Configure Kiosk Registration

The Register button links to a registration form from the Registration Element. This button will only show if a registration form has been attached.

To link registration form to a kiosk

  1. Navigate to Registration > Form Setup from the Navigation Menu
  2. Copy registration form link from appropriate form
  3. Navigate to Badges > Kiosk Manager from the Navigation Menu
  4. Click on the drop-down for the appropriate Kiosk
  5. Select Edit Kiosk
  6. Navigate to Registration Form Address
  7. Insert registration form link
  8. Click Save


If you are only using the Kiosk Registration option, all other check-in methods will need to be set to ‘No’. If you are using multiple check-in methods, then all relevant options will be enabled. This must be completed at a per-kiosk level and will control which screen button options are available for attendees.