Kiosk Registration Setup

One of the check-in options on a kiosk is to allow attendees to register onsite and print their badge. Through kiosk registration, collect basic information about attendees and print their badges all in the same step.

Please note

Kiosk registration does not support payment.

Kiosk registration links directly to a registration form the Registration Element. This form can include any questions you require, based on profile fields created in the CMS. 

Please note

Both Kiosk Manager and Registration must be purchased for this check-in option.

If all/most attendees are to register onsite at a kiosk you may wish to advise them to come early to minimise kiosk queue times.


Setup Kiosk Registration

1) Confirm Profile Requirements

2) Configure Kiosk Hardware

3) Configure Registration Form

4) Configure Kiosk Registration

5) Communication