Email Campaigns Features

When building your email template in the Email Campaigns, there are many features to choose from. These are outlined below.

1 Column

Insert a box that is 1 column wide. This column will fill the width of the email.

2 Columns

Insert a box that is 2 columns wide. The box will fit the width of the email and contain two (2) evenly spaced columns.

3 Columns

Insert a box that is 3 columns wide. The box will fit the width of the email and contain three (3) evenly spaced columns.


Insert text inside a column box. A Text box allows you to input text into the email template. Insert a Text box into a column box.


Create a button linking to an external link. This button can be labelled and linked to a URL. E.g. creating a button to direct attendees to download the event app. Insert a button onto a column box.


Insert an image into the email template. This can be a simple email header or any other kind of image to enhance the email design. Insert an image into a separate column box.


Break up the email content by adding dividers. Dividers are a solid link inserted into a column box to break the email into sections.

Group Social

Create a Group Social to insert a collection of links to various social media. By default, when creating a Group Social, links for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter will be created. Icons can be changed individually, and Social URL Links added.

Icon options include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Web
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Vimeo
  • Tumblr
  • Github
  • SoundCloud
  • Medium
  • Dribble
  • Xing

Insert a Group Social into a column box.

Social Element

Add additional Social links to a Group Social with the Social Element. This will create a new icon that can be updated to change the icon and add a Social URL link.

Insert a Social Element into a Group Social.


Break up email content with a Spacer. This will create additional padding between elements in a column box. A Spacer could be used between paragraphs, to separate different elements or content in a column bix etc.

Insert a Spacer into a column box.


The NavBar acts as a menu across the email. This bar can be linked to sections of a lengthy email to assist attendees with finding relevant information. It will evenly space NavBar Links inside the NavBar across the width of the email template.

Insert NavBar into a column box.

NavBar Link

Add additional links to the NavBar. This will create a new option in the menu list, and will evenly space all options across the width of the email template.

Insert a NavBar Link into a NavBar.


Badge QR Code

Embed an attendee's QR code into the email campaign. This QR code will generate using the badge reference provided in each attendee's profile. These QR codes can also be used as a temporary badge, and can be used in conjunction with all Entegy Suite products (e.g. Attendance Tracking, Kiosk Manager, Lead Capture etc.).

Insert a Badge QR Code into a column box.