Email Campaigns Glossary

Email Template: Build and design your email in the email template. This will include Email Campaigns features and wild cards to populate attendee data.

Merge Tag: A placeholder that will populate with attendee data when the email is sent.

Attendee: Someone attending the event and using the event app (e.g. speaker, sponsor, attendee etc.).

Profile Filter: The profile filters allow attendee profiles to be filtered on profile data such as Profile Type, Profile Fields, logged in status etc.

Column: Columns form the basis for your email template. They allow you to place other features such as text boxes and images into the email template.

Text Box: A Text box allows you to input text into the email template. 

Button: Create a button linking to an external link. 

Image: Insert an image into the email template. This can be an embedded image into the main body of the email, or an email header.

Group Social: Create a Group Social to insert a collection of links to various social media.

Social Element: Add additional Social links to a Group Social with the Social Element. 

Spacer: Break up email content with a Spacer. This will create additional padding between elements in a column box.

NavBar: The NavBar acts as a menu across the email. This bar can be linked to sections of a lengthy email to assist attendees with finding relevant information.

NavBar Link: Add additional links to the NavBar. This will create a new option in the menu list, and will evenly space all options across the width of the email template.

Email Header: A header image that appears on all system-generated emails (e.g. forgot login details etc.).

Queue: Create campaigns/email templates ahead of time to send in the future.

Send List: The list of attendees the email will be sent to.

From Name: The name the email will be sent from. This is likely the name of the event or the event organiser (e.g. Pollen8 or Entegy).

Reply to Address: The email address reply emails will be sent to. This can be a legitimate email address or a no-reply email (e.g. or 

From Address: The email address the email will send from. **This is an advanced option**.

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