Send an Email Campaign

Email campaigns can be designed and prepared ahead of time, and then queued to send in the future. This allows you to create multiple email campaigns and queue all to send ahead of time. 

There are 2 steps to sending your Email Campaign:

  1. Configure Email Send Details
  2. Queue an Email Campaign to Send


Configure Email Send Details

To personalise your email campaign, the From Name and Reply-To Address can be configured to best reflect the email sender (Event Organiser or Event Name). 

The From Name is the name of the sender. This will display as the sender of the email when received by the attendee. It is recommended to keep the From Name simple and easily recognisable to attendees (e.g. Entegy or Pollen8 Conference 2020).

The Reply To Address is the email address that will receive any emails attendees have replied to. If you do not wish to receive any emails, it is recommended to use a no-reply email address (e.g.

To configure email send details:

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Email from the Navigation menu
  2. Select the Settings Tab
  3. Input From Name
  4. Input Reply-to Address
  5. Click Save

Custom email domains can be set up - contact your Partner Manager for more details


Queue an Email Campaign to Send

Use the profile filter to create send lists based on profile data. When queueing emails, the profile filter will update the send lists as profiles are added and logged into right up until the specified send date and time. 

For example, you might create a profile filter to only send to attendees who have not yet logged in and you queue the email at the same time as the main email. The profile filter will check the attendee data to ensure only those attendees who have not yet logged in will receive the email. 

Please note

Email Campaigns only allows for campaigns to be queued and sent in the 'future'. To send instantly, ensure the send date and time is the current date/time.

To queue an email campaign to send:

  1. Navigate to Email Campaigns > Campaigns from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click Create an Email Campaign from the right-hand options
  3. Input a Name for the email campaign
  4. Input the Subject. This will display in the attendee’s inbox when the email is received
  5. Select the relevant Email Template from the drop down
  6. Navigate to Schedule Campaign and select the checkbox
  7. Confirm Time Zone - this will auto populate from the Project Time Zone (Project Configuration > Project)
  8. Select the Date and Send Time
  9. If relevant, configure the Send To Profile Filter
  10. Click Save