Email Send Logs and Delivery Status

When using Email Campaigns or using other system-generated emails, a send report for these can be viewed in the Entegy CMS. This email send log appears in two (2) different places in the CMS:

  • Project Dashboard
  • Project Configuration > Emails > Send Logs


Email Delivery Status on Project Dashboard

The email delivery status card on your project dashboard provides an overview of email send data from the last 72 hours. 

If there are no issues with email sends, the card will display normally, and show an overview of statistics from the successfully delivered emails.


If there are issues detected with either the email not being able to be delivered or invalid profile data, this card will move to the top of the dashboard and will be red. 


To reset the Email Delivery Status, changes to those invalid profiles must be made.

To make changes to invalid profiles:

  1. Navigate to Dashboard from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to the Email Delivery Status card
  3. Click Invalid Profiles
  4. Update Email Address field for the profile
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat for each invalid profile


Project Email Send Logs

Email send logs are available per project and display a full list of all emails sent from the system for this project. 

To view project email send logs:

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Email from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click the Send Logs tab


Emails can have one of the following statuses:

  1. Delivered: Emails that have been delivered successfully
  2. Failed: Emails that were unable to be delivered
  3. Retrying: Emails that have failed to be delivered, but are able to try again later automatically
  4. Sending: Emails that are in the process of sending
  5. Spam Complaint: Emails that have been marked as spam by receivers