Configure Registration Form and Form Builder Settings

The Registration Form Builder allows you to create responsive registration forms which can be integrated with your event app. Profile data is instantly synced with core and available across other components.



To create a new Registration Form:

  1. Navigate to Registration > Form Setup from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select Create a Modern Form from the right-hand options
  3. Your new form will open straight away
  4. Form Builder Settings are now located on the top-right menu


Customise the form with the following page settings. Each page has different settings you can customise to create your registration form:

  1. Appearance
  2. Event Details
  3. Form Settings
  4. Payment Settings
  5. Stripe integration
  6. Launch Page
  7. On Completion



Appearance Settings


  • Form Logo - Upload an image for the logo header. Recommended size 800px x 200px
  • Primary Colour -  Colour used throughout the form for the icons at the top of the page, ‘-’ and ‘+’ indicator for attendees etc.
  • Secondary Colours - Colour used throughout the form for buttons and icons on the right-hand side of the form. 
  • Font


Event Details Settings


Description of the event along with Date, Location and Event website can be displayed under the banner on the right side. 

  • Event Name - The name of the event - will default to the name of the project
  • Event Date - The date displayed for the event - will default to the event date of the project
  • Event Location 
  • Event Description - About the event. Supports HTML and can be customised as per requirements
  • Website URL - must start with http:// or https://


Form Settings

  • Form Name - Set a name for the Browser tab title
  • Password (Optional) - Password protect the entire registration form (e.g. Free tickets for specific attendees might be on a separate form. By placing a password on this form, only those with the password can register)
  • Max Registrations per form - input the number of the maximum registrations per transaction. 1 for single registration form Greater than one for bulk registrations
  • Invite Only - lock your registration form so only attendees invited via Attendee Invite Links can register via this form
  • Email On completion 
    • All Profiles - sent to all registering profiles with an email ID
    • Primary Profile - sent to only the primary registrant
    • Additional Profile - sent to only the additional profiles (+ Add Another Attendee)
    • None - no emails sent 
  • Email Templates - will default to the Registration Complete Email template, however, you can also choose from any email template configured under Email Campaigns.
  • Form Active Date Range
    • Start Date (Optional) - Date and time the form will become active for registration. This will use the project settings timezone
    • End Date (Optional) - Date and time the form will be closed for registration. This will use the project settings timezone


  • Paid transactions report can be viewed under Registrations > Transactions
  • Click on the invoice number to view the invoice summary
  • Click on the corresponding down arrow to resend invoice email, change payment status
  • The payment received or payment required email is sent based on this payment status
  • The registration complete email can be set to be sent on completion
  • There are 4 options as shown below 
  • Note: The payment received invoice email is always sent to the primary registrant only and can not be turned off



Payments setting options

  • Currency - Select which currency will be collected (e.g. AUD, USD etc.)
  • Invoice Reference - A unique name to track project invoices in your payment system. Maximum 22 characters
  • Show Prices on Options - Displays the price beside the drop-down options if applicable
  • Tax RateProvide the Tax percentage e.g. 10% or 10
  • Tax Name - The name of the tax being applied, eg. GST, VAT, etc.
  • Prices include Tax - Mark if includes or exclude Tax
  • Payment Methods:
    • Stripe Account ID - input your Stripe ID details and follow the steps outlined below.
    • Allow Other/Manual Payments
      • Other Payments - Name - Display the alternate payment name
      • Other Payment - Copy - Add a description of the alternate payment method 
        • For non-credit card payment methods / Direct Debit or others
        • The payment required email will be sent to the primary registrant


Stripe integration

Entegy Registration forms can integrate with your stripe account for payment processing. This is a two-step approach to integrate Stripe Accounts.


Launch Page Settings 


This is the landing page that will be displayed on the left side.

  • Title - Displayed as Bold Text 
  • Message - Displayed above the Next button. Supports HTML and can be customised as per requirements


On Complete settings

  • Title
  • Message - Supports HTML and can be customised as per requirements