Registration Form Setup

Entegy Registration allows you to create responsive registration forms, which can be seamlessly integrated with your event app or kiosk hardware. Profile data for registrations via these forms will instantly become available in all areas of the Entegy CMS.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Create a seamless connection between registration and other Entegy products such as an event App or badge printing
  2. Allow multiple different ticket types to register using the same form

Registration forms can be created to respond to a variety of rules to show and hide questions based on which response has been previously chosen. For example, if Ticket Type = Staff is chosen, then the option to add a staff number will display. If Ticket Type = Attendee, this is not shown.


Setup Registration Forms

1) Create Profile Types

2) Create Profile Fields

  1. Multiple Choice Custom Fields
  2. Text-based Custom Fields

3) Configure Registration Form Settings

4) Configure Stripe Payments

5) Configure Registration Form 

  1. Add Profile Fields to the Registration Form
  2. Field Rules and Branching
  3. Advanced Registration Form Features
  4. Publish Registration Forms

6) Configure Registration Emails

7) Configure Live Registration URL

8) Test