Configure Stripe Payments

Entegy Registration forms can integrate with your Stripe account for payment processing. This is a two-step approach to integrate Stripe Account. 

Please note

Entegy is not responsible for testing payments or ensuring your Stripe Account is correctly configured.

It is important that you test ALL payment methods on each form prior to launching the form. Testing payments must be done using a real credit card (not the test credit card numbers provided by Stripe) and processed as a live payment via the Live URL.



To integrate your Stripe Account:

  1. Require the Stripe Account ID.
    1. Your Stripe Account ID needs to be added to the Payment settings section on the registration form. This uniquely identifies the Stripe account the registration form links to
    2. This Stripe article Link guides you through the Stripe Dashboard, and locating the Stripe Account ID

  2. Use this link to authorize Entegy to use your Stripe account ID

Once the above steps are completed, the Stripe integration is ready to be used on the registration form.