Field Rules and Branching

Field Rules allow you to select when a specific question is displayed on the registration form.

This allows you to create completely unique registration forms for each ticket type using the same registration form. For example, if an exhibitor registers, they can see a different list of questions from a standard attendee. You can also create complex structuring to allow for hidden fields to display based on multiple-choice selections.


It is recommended to map out which questions you'd like to display for each form prior to building your registration form. This will allow you to easily see which questions belong to which form and you can make relevant changes based on this.

Please note

You can only use each profile field ONCE per form setup (e.g. "Organisation" can display at "Company Name" for Exhibitors Registering, and can be added to the form again to display as "Organisation" to Attendees registering, but you can't have 2 instances of the "Organisation" field display for Exhibitors).

Field Rules branching works as a top-down approach. It means that the registration form checks for a branching condition, if exists then displays the next question and then filters down through a hierarchical structure.



To make changes to Field Rules, click Edit on the relevant field to bring up the following configuration options:


Select if this field will be displayed based on a previous multiple-choice question response (e.g. if profile type = Full Pass - display the Last Name field).

    • Field Shown if: Selection Is / Selection Is Not
    • Select the multiple-choice field from the drop-down
    • Select which options, when selected on the form, will trigger this field to display


Example Scenario 1

  • Question A: Please select your Role in the Organisation
  • Question B: Please select the Workshop Session you would like to Register for

Question B can be displayed based on the Role selected in Question A

In the below screenshot, the Workshop Session Registration question will be displayed if the Role selected is 

  • Team Member
  • Junior/Graduate



Example Scenario 2

  • Workshop Bee is duplicated twice to display based on a previous branching condition (e.g. once for Team Members and Junior/Graduate, and another instance for Executive, Management and Team Leader)
  • Organisation has a Field Rule to display based on Workshop Bee response (e.g. Attending Workshop = Yes, show 'Organisation')

The Registration Form would not know which of the two Workshop Bee questions to refer to and would break the form.