Code Entry vs Tile Entry Portals


Code Entry Portal

Code Entry Portals require an attendee to input a unique Event Code to access a project.  

Code Entry portals have a landing page that displays when the portal is first downloaded and opened. This screen includes the Tap to Start image and the splash screen from your store listing details. When the Tap to Start image is clicked, an attendee will then be prompted to enter their event-specific Event Code.

A few things to consider when choosing a code entry portal:

  • You will need to share the event-specific event code with all attendees to access, which may be an additional step when communicating with attendees
  • Once initially configured, your portal won’t need much maintenance, aside from a semi-annual update on the Apple App and Google Play Stores
  • Multiple event apps can be accessed via this portal using the unique code, therefore, attendees will be unable to view other events run or managed through this portal

If you are an Entegy Partner, a Code Entry portal is the recommended configuration. If you are an end-user, it will depend on your requirements.


Tile Entry Portal

A Tile Entry Portal provides a menu of event-branded images, called tiles, to allow attendees to select which event they are attending, and open the corresponding app. 

With this option, you will need to design and upload portal tile images for each event project linked to your portal. Each tile will need to be linked to the relevant project or action. 

Managing your portal tiles will be an ongoing process and will be required for every event you would like accessible via the portal.

Tile Entry portals can be designed with just a simple main menu of tiles, or sub-menus for tiles/projects. Rather than opening the portal and having all event tiles, you might need to create a sub-menu to increase ease-of-use for your attendees. For example, if you have different roadshows or topics of events, you may choose to group them by state.

A few things to consider when choosing a tile entry portal:

  • All events accessible via the portal will be publicly listed 
  • Minimal communication will be required, as there is no unique code to access the event
  • Use the tiles to dictate which events are accessible via the portal. For example, if you aren’t ready to release an app yet, you can hide the tile until its time to launch