How to Prepare for your Eventbrite Integration

When integrating your Eventbrite event with the Entegy CMS there are some things to keep in mind, especially when configuring your Eventbrite Order Form to ensure a smooth integration.

Before we get started, you will need:

  • Your own Eventbrite Account
  • An Eventbrite Order Form (either live and collecting attendee details or soon-to-be-launched), and
  • Access to the Administrator User account. Please note: if the Eventbrite administrator account password is changed after configuring your integration with your Entegy Project, the integration will be stopped


Key steps to prepare for your Eventbrite Integration include:


What is an Eventbrite Integration?

Integrating the Entegy CMS with Eventbrite allows your registrations to automatically flow from Eventbrite into the Entegy CMS. 

This is a ONE-WAY SYNC, where data is pulled from Eventbrite into your Entegy event project. This means that any changes made to data must be managed on Eventbrite. Any profile updates or changes made in the Entegy CMS will not be synced back to Eventbrite and will be overridden automatically by the integration.

Please note

Only ONE Eventbrite Event can be integrated PER Entegy Event Project


Integration Process

While there is no wrong time to integrate, there are a few things to consider:

  • Don't integrate BEFORE you finalise your order form. Once integrated, additional questions will not sync over
  • Am I best to wait to integrate until closer to my event?
  • Do I need to integrate early to pre-print Entegy badges etc.? 
  • Do I need to send a Welcome Email from the Entegy CMS? If so, will it contain any app-related details? 

Your integration is for the moment in time when you integrate. If you make any changes to the form or add additional questions, these will not be included in the integration.


If you are not an Account Administrator for your Eventbrite account, you will be unable to setup an automatic profile sync between Eventbrite and the Entegy CMS.

If you don't know who your Account Administrator is, please speak with your Eventbrite salesperson.

Ticket Requirements

While configuring your Eventbrite Order Form, it is important to consider what questions you will ask, and how this translates into your event app.

For example:

  • Will attendee specific information be shown on the Attendee List or possibly shared with exhibitors via Lead Capture?
  • Do you need to track attendance against a list of attendees who have pre-purchased a gala dinner or workshop ticket?

It is important to consider these additional pieces of information prior to launching your Eventbrite order form.

When collecting attendee information, it is recommended to choose Each Attendee, as this option allows for all attendees to have their own contact details and personalised profile synced to the Entegy CMS. Each ticket purchased in Eventbrite will integrate as a single profile/attendee, so it is important to collect per-attendee data to avoid having double-ups.

Ticket Type purchased will become Profile Type in the Entegy CMS to help to categorise or group your attendees, so think carefully about the ticket types on offer.



Eventbrite Order Form Questions

Some default questions on your Eventbrite Order Form are automatically synced into the Entegy CMS. 

By default, the collection type is set to "Basic Information"—where you'll collect just the name and email address of the user registering. For detailed instructions on editing your Eventbrite Order Form fields follow the Eventbrite documentation - How to create custom questions.

The following list shows which Eventbrite fields are supported and their Core equivalents:

  • Prefix = Title
  • First Name = First Name
  • Surname = Last Name
  • Email Address = Email
  • Mobile Phone = Contact Number
  • Job Title = Position
  • Company/Organisation = Organisation

Fields NOT supported (these fields will not sync with the CMS, but can be added as additional questions

Fields currently not supported are: suffix, home phone, work phone, tax & business info, billing address, home address, shipping address, work address, work phone, website, blog, gender, birth date, age.
These fields can be added to Eventbrite as additional questions and will be added to the Entegy CMS. Read below on adding additional questions/fields.



Eventbrite Order Form - Custom Questions

By default, any question configured as a multiple choice will be automatically synced to your Entegy CMS Event Project. 

It is recommended to use the SINGLE CHOICE or SELECT FROM DROP-DOWN question type, which limits users to selecting one answer, be used when asking a multiple choice question.

To ensure a smooth integration, avoid using cconsidtional sub-questions and checkbox question types, as these will not sync correctly with the Entegy CMS.

Additional terms eg. ‘ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS’ will sync as a multiple choice question in the Entegy CMS, recorded as ‘accepted’ or blank if not accepted

Any additional attendee information captured in either the default Eventbrite Questions or Custom Questions can be added as part of the integration. An unlimited number of multiple choice fields can be synced. For text fields, you can choose up to 10 text-based questions to sync to the Entegy CMS.

Eventbrite’s Short Text and Paragraph question types will sync as Short Text and Long Text respectively in the Entegy CMS, however it is important to note that a maximum of 10 plain text fields are allowed per event project.


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