Create Push Notification Categories

How to create push notification categories

Push notification categories can be used to send targeted push notifications to specific groups of attendees. For example, exhibitors and staff may need to receive important information about bump-in which other attendees such as speakers and sponsors may not need to know about.

To create push notification category

  1. Navigate to App > Push Notifications from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to the Categories tab
  3. Click + Add a Category
  4. Input a Category Title
  5. Select User Selectable status
    1. Yes Attendees opt-in or out of the push notification category
    2. No Attendees are part of this push notification category and cannot opt-out. They will receive all notifications sent to this group

To assign a push notification category to a profile type

Once a push notification category has been created, it can be assigned to a profile type. All attendees with the profile type selected will receive notifications sent to this group. Note: profile types will need to set up before push notification categories can be assigned.

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Profiles from the Navigation Menu
  2. Navigate to Type and click on the drop-down arrow
  3. Select Edit Options
  4. Click the Name of the relevant profile type
  5. Navigate to Notification Categories and select the relevant categories
  6. Click Save

To send a push notification category

  1. Navigate to App > Push Notifications from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click + Create a Notification
  3. Input Title
  4. Select what type of push notification
    1. Text Enter text with an unlimited number of characters. This will appear under the push notification title when opened.
    2. Image Will appear under the title when opened. Recommended size is a width between 400px and 450px and a height of 600px.
  5. Enter text or upload image
  6. Select a Target Page (optional)
  7. Select if this will be sent as a push notification*
    *If not selected, attendees will not be notified the push notification has been sent. Instead, it will appear under the Notifications icon
  8. Select Time Zone, Date and Time for send
  9. Select Send To information
    1. Everyone Push notification will send to all attendees
    2. Not logged in Push notification will only send to attendees not yet logged in
    3. Created push notification category Push Notification will send to attendees who are part of the push notification category selected
  10. Click Save

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