Push Notifications Setup

Push notifications are used to communicate important information to attendees using images, text and links to pages in-app. They can be used to keep attendees up to date with schedule changes, reminders, or to highlight any App sponsors etc.

This can be setup to achieve the following:

  1. Send reminders to attendees
  2. Keep attendees updated with schedule changes, time changes etc.
  3. Create sponsorship opportunities

Push notifications can be sent as text or an image. Push notifications sent as text have no character limit, while those sent with an image can only have a title. 

Push notifications can also be set to either send immediately or queued to send at a later date/time. See below for some examples of when each might be useful:

Immediate Send: Room changes on the schedule, last-minute menu change for the gala dinner, session updates, wet weather plans for outside activities etc.

Queued: Session welcome messages, reminders, sponsored messages, reminders to attendees of what the next day has in store etc.


Create a push notification schedule before beginning uploading push notifications so they can be queued to send at a later time.

Push notifications can be sent to specific attendees, or groups of attendees using push notification categories and send filters. This allows organisers to send notifications to a segmented group of attendees using profile information.


Setup Push Notifications

1) *Optional* Design Push Notifications

2) Configure Push Notifications

3) *Optional* Create Push Notification Categories

4) Link Notifications Feature to Main Menu Icon

5) Test

6) Push Notification Reporting