Push Notification Reporting

When sending push notifications, you are able to view statistics for how many attendees were sent the notification and how many have opened/viewed it. 

These statistics are based on the number of attendees who were logged into the event app at that point in time and will update retrospectively as more attendees access the app. 

For example, you may have 1,000 profiles in your project, but only 5 staff members are logged in and are accessing the app prior to launch. If you send a welcome notification to ‘All Devices’, the notification will only be sent to those 5 staff members. After you launch the app and more attendees start downloading and accessing the app, this send number will increase to however many users are logged in/accessing the app.

Please note

All send groups except ‘Profiles by Filter’ will be able to view previously sent push notifications that may have been sent prior to them logging in, so long as they match the send criteria (e.g. Profile Type, Category etc.).

The only send group that will not update the send list retrospectively, is sending to ‘Profiles by Filter’. This send group will send to all attendees who meet the criteria set by the profile filter at the time of sending. This functionality is the same as sending an email campaign, whereby the list will update with the latest list of relevant attendees right up until the push notification is sent. After this point, if attendees login or register and meet the profile filter criteria, they will not receive or be able to view the notification. Only those attendees who are part of the send group at the time the notification is sent will receive it.