Linking your Store Account to the Entegy Core

Linking your Store Account to the Entegy Core

When populating a Store Listing in the Core, you will be required to attach the Store Account being submitted to before being able to commit (save) any uploads. In order to link said Store Account you will need to link it into the Core.

To link your Store Account to the Entegy Core

  1. Navigate to Distributor > Store Accounts located in the top right-hand side of the Core


  1. Click the icon located under the Available Accounts tab
  2. Input all Store Account and Account Holder Details
  3. Select the desired Submission Option (see here for more information)
  4. Input a unique Bundle Prefix (this will be the unique identifier for this app in the Core and stores)
  5. Accept the terms and conditions
  6. Click Save

Required Store Account and Account Holder Details

Please note: you will only need to complete this process once for each respective Store Account.

Store Display Name will serve as a reference in the Core while also acting as the display name for your accounts if this has not already been set. This name is required to be set upon each initial submission and CANNOT be changed at any point afterwards. It is advised that you set this account according to either your ASIC or DUNS profiles. The following field; Associated Distributor will be populated automatically.

Contact Name, Email and Phone are to be associated with the Account Holder whom registered the Store Account(s). Alongside the distributor, the contact you nominate will receive all relevant status correspondences from Entegy regarding their respective Store Accounts and Store Listings.

Bundle Prefix will act as a unique identifier for your Store Account and App. It is advised that you use the unique component of your organisations website. E.g. for we would use "pollen8conference".

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