Payment Received Email

The Payment Received Email is a system email that is automatically sent when an attendee registers and makes a successful payment for your event. 

This email template is pre-configured to contain basic attendee information as well as details regarding the payment method and providing an invoice number. This template, however, can be further edited as required.


To edit the Payment Received Email template:

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Email from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Payment Received template from the list


Registration-specific Merge Tags:

When sending Payment Received or Payment Required emails, you may wish to add some invoice-related merge tags to indicate things like total cost, the Invoice ID number or an itemised list of costs. 

Below is a list of Regsitration-specific merge tags:

{INVOICE-ID}: Plain text containing the Invoice ID number

{INVOICE-DESCRIPTION}: 3 columns - Headings used are: Description, Value and Cost

{INVOICE-COSTSUMMARY}: 2 columns, right justified - Contains all costs itemised, and the total is in bold text

{INVOICE-TOTALCOST}: Plain text with the dollar amount (with appropriate currency symbol)

Click here to view more merge tag options for your email template.



There are a few options for how this email template can be configured:

Refer to this Knowledge Base article to learn how to update the header image of this template