Registration Complete Email

The Registration Complete Email is a system email that can be automatically sent when an attendee registers for your event. 

This email can be automatically triggered by any of the following actions:

  • Upon registering via an Entegy Registration Form
  • When integrating with Eventbrite, when an attendee registers
  • Sent manually from an attendee's profile in the CMS

If you wish for this email to be sent automatically, it will need to be configured during the setup of either your Entegy Registration Form or your Eventbrite Integration. 

Please note

The Registration Complete Email template must be configured prior to sending.


To edit the Registration Complete Email Template:

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Email from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Registration Complete template from the list


There are a few options for how this email template can be configured:

Refer to this Knowledge Base article to learn how to update the header image of this template