Payment Required Email

The Payment Required Email is a system email that is automatically sent when an attendee registers for your paid event and chooses a non-payment option such as Cheque, Bank Transfer or Cash. 

This email template is pre-configured to contain basic attendee information as well as details regarding payment options, etc. This template, however, can be further edited as required.


To edit the Payment Required Email template:

  1. Navigate to Project Configuration > Email from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Payment Required template from the list


Registration-specific Merge Tags:

When sending Payment Received or Payment Required emails, you may wish to add some invoice-related merge tags to indicate things like total cost, the Invoice ID number or an itemised list of costs. 

Below is a list of Regsitration-specific merge tags:

{INVOICE-ID}: Plain text containing the Invoice ID number

{INVOICE-DESCRIPTION}: 3 columns - Headings used are: Description, Value and Cost

{INVOICE-COSTSUMMARY}: 2 columns, right justified - Contains all costs itemised, and the total is in bold text

{INVOICE-TOTALCOST}: Plain text with the dollar amount (with appropriate currency symbol)

Click here to view more merge tag options for your email template.



There are a few options for how this email template can be configured:

Refer to this Knowledge Base article to learn how to update the header image of this template