Audience Polling (Speakers Guide)


Interactive Sessions is a powerful audience engagement tool that allows presenters to interact with their audience by gathering thoughts and opinions with real-time results.

Audience Polling allows you to push questions to the audience throughout a session then display results on the display screen and audiences mobile device in the event App.

When voting is active for a session, the app will display an interactive sessions announcement banner within the session page which attendees can then click to begin participating.

Questions can be:

  • Yes/no,
  • Star rating out of 5 or
  • Multiple choice A to E with custom answers

Questions of any length can be incorporated into this feature, however, we recommend they are no longer than 250 characters for best display on both the display screen and mobile device. Multiple choice answers are automatically cropped on the display screen to 10 characters but will appear in full on the attendee's mobile device.

Once the voting period has ended, results can be displayed on the screen and App in pie chart or line chart format.