Use Kiosk Admin Interface

How to use the kiosk admin interface

To access the admin menu hold down on the top right side of the kiosk screen on the kiosk name and number for five seconds (or click 7 times), this operation will only work on the signin page, kiosk number page, idle page and the main page. A textbox appears along with a keyboard, enter the current projects Kiosk Access Code for more options.

Exiting/change a project

To exit the current project you will need to enter the current projects Kiosk Access Code. If you do not have the current projects access code, you will need to restart the device. After restarting the device and opening the application you will be given the option to change the project.


A list of menu tiles will then be displayed

  1. Quit kiosk manager tile will close the whole application, this is the only option for exiting the kiosk and if you exit while logged into a project you will have option of starting the kiosk up when you re-launch the application.
  2. Logout/change kiosk tile ends the current project, the admin will be navigated back to the sign in page allowing you to start a new project.
  3. Change kiosk number tile allows the admin to change the number of that kiosk.
  4. Printer settings tile allows the admin to set the printer and paper size from within the kiosk, this menu also displays the printer's runtime stats.
  5. Internet connection tile displays the network connection status, the wifi network will only recognize the previously connected wifi network.
  6. Scanner settings tile displays the status of the barcode scanner connected to that machine, if the scanner is connected and on but the kiosk does not register its connection, there is a print USB-COM option, this will print a matrix code from the connected printer. Scan this code to change the scanner's input mode from keyboard to COM port.
  7. Update kiosk tile checks for a new kiosk update, if one is available the admin can choose to carry out this update, once the update is complete the kiosk will continue normal operation. Note Time to carry out the update is dependent on internet connection strength and size of the update and the kiosk will not be operational during this process.