Configure a Kiosk in the CMS

How to configure a Kiosk in the CMS

This article takes you through the steps required to configure your Kiosk in the CMS.

Create a new Kiosk

  1. Navigate to Kiosk Manager from the Navigation Menu
  2. Click on Create a New Kiosk from the right-hand options on the Configuration Panel
  3. Input a Kiosk Name
  4. Scroll down and click Save
  5. An access code will be generated. This access code is required to activate the Kiosk Hardware

Confirm Kiosk options

There are several check-in and scan options available on the Kiosk screen. Depending on what information you intend to provide your attendees determines how your attendees can check-in.

  1. Confirm your Allow Scanning, Allow Scanning from App, Allow Enter Code and Registration Form Address check-in options
  2. Select template from the Badge drop-down options (Badge will need to be set up in Badge Creator prior)
  3. Select badge printing preference from the Badge Side drop-down options
  4. Select badge fold preference from the Rotation drop-down options
  5. Enter Success Message displayed to user when they have successfully checked in to a Kiosk
  6. Input Hex Colour codes and Transparency as per the Kiosk Design Template
  7. Upload custom design assets for the Kiosk screen as per the Kiosk Design Template
  8. Click Save

Confirm Kiosk settings

  1. Navigate to Kiosk Manager from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the Global Settings tab on the Configuration Panel
  3. Confirm Scanning Format
  4. Confirm Enter Code Format


  • Use Advanced Options displays further options. It's recommended to leave these as default unless using externally generated data/QR codes.
Badge Creator

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