Manage Pages



Import page data

Content can be uploaded in bulk to speed up the process of populating the App. Content can be imported using spreadsheet templates uploaded in the Knowledge Base.

To import page data

Once the page template has been populated with page data, it can then be uploaded to the CMS. 

Please note:

Templates are page-specific and should be used for the same page type they were generated for. For example, a Speaker page template should be used for a Speaker page type.

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu and select the relevant page
  2. Select Import from the right-hand options
  3. Click Choose File and select the completed template
  4. Click Validate
  5. Click Import


Export page data

Container content pages within the CMS can export page content for each sub-page created (e.g. schedule, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors etc.). This will generate a spreadsheet containing all content data for those sub-pages. 

This spreadsheet can be used to update and re-upload content page data or used to keep a record of your content.

To export page data

  1. Navigate to the relevant container page
  2. Click Export Pages from the right-hand options


The export data button will be named to correspond to the page type that is being exported. For example, on a session page, it will be titled Export Sessions.


Editing a Page

If an existing content page needs to be updated go to Content and select the page which needs to be edited.

This action displays the content page template, make the changes required, then scroll to the bottom and save.


Reordering Pages

Container content page types which have sub-pages, such as schedule, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors etc., can be reordered.

To reorder pages

  1. Navigate to the relevant container page
  2. Click the up/down arrow icon and select the relevant option
    1. Sort by Field: Select the field that you would like to automatically order by, then select whether you would like pages in ascending or descending order.
    2. Manual Sort: Simply click and drag the pages into the desired order.
  3. Click Save to apply the sort


Deleting a Page

Pages can be easily deleted from within the CMS by hovering over the page that you want to delete and clicking delete page. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.


It is recommended to not delete content. Instead, create a Page Group called ‘Delete’ and move all unwanted pages here. This will allow you to keep a record of old unwanted content, and this can be repurposed if required.

Please note:

Once deleted pages cannot be restored.