Page redirects

Page Redirects allow attendees to be automatically redirected from one page to another upon opening a page. A common use for these redirects is to create sub-menus using container pages (especially Blank Groups) that link to other container pages or specialty pages (e.g. Weather page type), know as Page Nesting.

Note: The page content you are redirecting will not be seen in the app. That page is simply acting as a sub-menu item. For example, a Blank Group contains the options Cafes & Restaurants, Precinct Attractions and Weather. Each of these pages will be redirected to other blank groups and specialty pages and, therefore, will not display any page content for the initial blank group (e.g. Click 'Cafes & Restaurants' and be taken directly to the 'Cafes & Restaurants' blank group).


To create a page redirect:

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select the page you wish to place a page redirect on
  3. Navigate to Redirect this page from the right-hand options
  4. Select a Target Page you wish to redirect to
  5. Click Save

Please note:  Page Redirects are very simple and as such, cannot take into account any form of profile-specific or custom logic – refer to Smart Redirects.