Mapping rooms on a floor plan

Once a room is created, it can then be mapped onto a floor plan. Mapping rooms onto a floor plan can make attendee navigation easier around the venue.

Please note: a floor plan page, floor plan image and rooms must be created before floor plan mapping can be completed.


To map rooms onto a floorplan:

  1. Navigate to Content from the Navigation Menu
  2. Select your Floorplans page type
  3. Select the relevant floorplan from the list
  4. Select Floor Plan Mapping from the right-hand options
  5. Select a room from the drop-down list in the top left corner
  6. Click on the floorplan to drop a pin. Multiple pins can be placed per room. Rooms can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon on the pin.
  7. Click Save in the top menu bar
  8. Complete steps 5-7 for each room

Please note: each room will need to be selected individually from the drop-down menu, pins dropped and saved before moving onto the next room.