Live Discussion Setup

Live Discussion can be used to create a social feed specific to a session. These comments appear in the event App in a discussion feed specifically for that session.

This can be setup to achieve:

  1. Involve attendees in session discussion
  2. Easily turn comments into Audience Polling questions
  3. Attendees earn points 

Please note

Attendees must be logged in to use this feature.

Comments from a discussion feed can be pushed to the Audience Display Screen and bookmarked for special action. Bookmarked comments can be sent to a speaker, the display screen, or turned into Audience Polling questions for the audience.

Speakers/moderators can also post to the Live Discussion feed. Posting as the ‘Moderator’, they can pose questions to the audience, and responses/comments can be added to the display queue to show on the display screen.

Please note

Comments posted to the Discussion Feed are public and cannot be deleted or removed from the feed.


Setup Live Discussion

1) Create Schedule and Sessions

2) Make sessions interactive

3) Upload Audience Display Screen Holding Screen Image

4) Enable Live Discussion

5) Test

6) Communication

7) Onsite Management